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Update #1: #3WTotal


Last week I requested information about 3rd Ward’s debts. I asked instructors, members & students to share their stories. Thank you to everyone who has sent me information for this ongoing project.

What’s the total?
To date, I have received claims against outstanding memberships, course fees and instructor invoices of: $38,450. This is an estimate, and not a final total.

What else?
Brooklyn media has been supportive and encouraging and is helping spread awareness about this project. Here are some links:

Brooklyn Magazine
Brooklyn Paper

A note on bias:
I am researching this story as a writer & a former instructor, but I do not have a financial claim. One of the stories above suggests that teachers are seeking revenge. That isn’t what the project is about for me. I’ve been a freelancer for most of my life, and it is hard to make a living when you are financially exposed to risk by your clients. This project is about collecting and sharing research, and it was probably the experience of being a freelancer that inspired me to start the project, but I’m open to hearing all views and experiences.

Please share this project with anyone you know who might want to contribute their experiences. Confidentiality and privacy will be respected. I send project updates via mailing list, so please subscribe if you have not already. Email me with your questions or stories at:

Thank you for your support.

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