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New “community” project

I am doing some research.

No one ever reported how much 3rd Ward owes its teachers, members and students. The amount owed to any one person might be $100 here, $3,500 there. But all together, was thiscommunity” stuck with a bill for $20,000, $50,000, more?

Who cares?

The debts 3rd Ward owes to teachers & students & members are an underreported but important part of the legacy and myth of 3rd-Ward-the-brand. Besides, when a company as large as Livestream starts name-checking “the 3rd Ward community” to rebrand itself “Brooklyn,” isn’t the community’s fate, well, relevant?

Here’s a link to the email I sent to teachers+members+students. Please forward this to someone who might want to contribute. Thank you.

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