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Pop-Up Store PRESS

STREET ART POP-UP STORE, Bushwick Open Studios:

Blouin Artinfo, “20 Must-See Studios, Exhibitions”
Solifestyle, “Street Art Pop-Up Store in Bushwick, Brooklyn Recap”
12oz Prophet, “Preview: Robin Grearson’s Pop-Up Store”
Hyperallergic LABS, “A Glimpse of Robin Grearson’s Street Art Pop-Up Shop”
Brooklyn Street Art, “Fun Friday”
Artnet Tumblr, “Bushwick Open Studios 2012”
The L Magazine, “Pop-Up Mart for Street Art”
3rd Ward blog, “Our Top 10 Stops to Make”
The Street Spot, “Street Art Pop-Up Store at Bushwick Open Studios”
This Week in New York, “Bushwick Open Studios 2012”
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Brooklyn Street Art, “Robin Grearson Presents Street Art Pop-Up Store During BOS 2012”
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Vandalog, “Weekend Link-O-Rama”
Hrag Vartanian, “Links & Comments (2012-06-02)”
Hrag Vartanian, “Pop-Up Shop at Bogart & Scholes, Preview, via Flickr”, “Street Art Pop-Up”
Saki Waki, “Bushwick Open Studios”
Choice Royce Tumblr, “Flask Available for BOS!”

Event info from Arts in Bushwick’s Bushwick Open Studios 2012 online directory, here.

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