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Selected Writing


The New York Times, Modern Love: The Accidental Older Woman,  (July 25, 2010)
New York Times/WBUR Podcast: Modern Love featuring Rosie Perez, Robin Grearson (March 2018)


Cultural Weekly:
States of Matter, the Media, and Stormy Daniels (June 2018)
Beware the Community Builders (February 2018)
Quiet Genius in Purple Rain (April 2017)
This Is Ourselves (Under Pressure)–Series Editor (February 2017)
Sanctum Santorum (July 2015)
Sampling BOS: Bushwick Open Studios 2015 Voices (June 2015)
Why is TED Helping Livestream Build Its New Bushwick? (March 2015)
3rd Ward: Community, Collapse & Cost (October 2014)

Vol. 1. Brooklyn, Two Guns (June 2014)

Thought Catalog, F*ck Dudes Who Catcall, I’m Sick of It (July 2013)

The Aesthetics of Gentrification, and New York’s Top-Down Approach to Change: Mapping New York today, Jeremiah Moss hits the high notes of the city’s dance with neoliberalism (May 2018)
Bagels, Burgers, and the Branding of Bushwick (March 2017)
As Bushwick Open Studios Shifts Gears, Who Gets Left Behind? (October 2016)
A Tale of Two Mural Projects (July 2013)
In Defense of the Artist Statement (May 2013)

Vandalog, Artists Who Are Also Women (July 2012)

Brooklyn Rail:
Alias Anonymous (May 2012)
Diary of a Street Art Culture Warrior (April 2011)
Blind Date, Brooklyn, The Brooklyn Rail (February 2011)


Jeremiah Moss, Hyperallergic: The Aesthetics of Gentrification, and New York’s Top-Down Approach to Change (May 2018)
Ashley Zelinskie  (March 2015)
Chiwan Choi (September 2014)
Jacob Perkins & Matt Nelson, Mellow Pages, The Believer logger: The Sharing Experiment (October 2013)
Tom Morello, The Believer logger: Q&A With Tom Morello (August 2013)
Cheryl Strayed, The Millions: Put It in a Box and Wait (October 2012)
Cole Stryker, The Believer logger: Pigs Don’t Have to Pay Rent in a Barn (October 2012)
Molly Crabapple, Curbs & Stoops: Molly Crabapple’s Week in Hell (September 2011)
Talibanksy, Curbs & Stoops: Spray-Painting a New Culture in Kabul (July 2011)

 Poetry, or something like it

Lifecycle, part of  “A Zine Project for Concrete to Data” 2015. Printed pages. Floor Installation. At Steinberg Museum of Art.  (January 2015)\
Blind Date, Brooklyn, The Brooklyn Rail (February 2011)


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