Two Guns: New essay up now at Vol. 1 Brooklyn

I’m thankful to Vol. 1 Brooklyn for publishing my latest essay, here. We don’t need to share a single point of view, but you’re welcome to walk a mile in my shoes.  Here’s the first paragraph…

Two Guns

On July 10, 2013, around 5:30 PM, an old friend of mine, Teddy Days, was sitting or maybe laying down inside an old hearse he owned that was parked on the side of his small house in Yucca Valley, California. It was about 100 degrees. That kind of heat was probably bearable to Teddy, who had lived in the desert for about nine years. But sitting or laying in this white hearse with the doors closed and the windows rolled up like he was doing—well, anyone might have been heat-crazy. That is probably why he kept opening and closing the hearse’s back doors in those hours he spent trying to decide whether or not to shoot himself like he’d planned to do before his friend called the police, who were now present.

Read the rest at Vol. 1 Brooklyn.


Arts in Bushwick: Housing panel

Council member Antonio Reynoso and others joined the conversation on Affordable Housing I moderated in Bushwick last month at Radio Bushwick. He was joined by attorney Marty Needleman, Kunal Gupta of Silent Barn, AiB founder Chloe Bass, former CB4 member John Dereszewski, and Shawn Gallagher. Bushwick Daily covered the kickoff event for Arts in Bushwick’s discussion series. Check their post here.

Moderating: Panel Discussion on Housing for Arts in Bushwick

I haven’t been certain where to contribute time to the creative community after organizing the #whatsnext meetings, so I volunteered to help out Arts in Bushwick, who is launching a series of panel discussions. On March 30 I’ll be moderating the first panel, and we’ll definitely be discussing gentrification, landlords and affordable housing.

At Radio on Wyckoff, 5 PM Sunday. Arts in Bushwick has all the info on its blog.

New NYT article on 3rd Ward

I spoke with NYT’s Vivian Yee recently about the 3rd Ward closure. She wrote a comprehensive story on what happened, as well as why it mattered to so many people.

New Meeting Nov. 21: Brooklyn Creatives Meeting for Town-Hall Discussion at Tutu’s

BROOKLYN—The ad hoc community formed when 3rd Ward shut its doors is holding its second meeting this Thursday, November 21 at Tutu’s. This town-hall-style moderated panel discussion is open to artists, instructors, students, makers & creative freelancers. The three-part agenda includes: identifying and discussing community projects, resources and topics of interest; connecting people to each other according to their interests; and of course—socializing.

Panelists scheduled to participate include:

  • Victoria Valencia (Save 3rd Ward/Figure 1 Collective)
  • Andrew Muchmore (attorney and owner, Muchmore’s)
  • Launa Eddy (Maker Directory Project)
  • Theresa Buchheister (the Silent Barn)
  • Dan Lavoie (Freelancers Union)

The first community meeting, held October 23 at The Brooklyn Brewery, addressed the immediate concerns of 3rd Ward’s displaced staff, members, instructors and tenants. There was strong interest in staying connected and rebuilding an independent community, so this second meeting, open to all, will continue its attempt to direct creatives to resources while also helping the community identify its priorities.

Several areas of interest have emerged, including finding/sharing co-working and work spaces, freelance teaching and classroom options, and creative new co-op and collective projects. To support these discussions, a mix of panelists has been invited, including Andrew Muchmore, who has offered to allow teachers the use of Williamsburg venue Muchmore’s for daytime classes; and Freelancers’ Union’s Dan Lavoie. “I think we’ll see our main role as listeners,” said Dan. “We’ll come with notepads and open ears to see how the community is moving and where we can be of assistance.”

Event info:
Thursday November 21, 2013
7-10 PM
7-9 PM (panel discussion)
9 PM- ? (social)

25 Bogart St.
Brooklyn, NY 11206

Recap of the first meeting
Tutu’s Brooklyn
Eventbrite invitation
Facebook invitation
Media Contact:
Robin Grearson