The Project Is the Project: Chiwan Choi and Writ Large Go #90for90

  Chiwan Choi calls people out like the punk outsider who’s used to being ignored. Despite LA Weekly hailing Choi as the “Jay Z of poetry” last year (for retiring: he’s since un-retired), he knows independent—non-white—voices like his are often overlooked, and this summer he wanted to do something about it. For a while after “quitting poetry” Chiwan restricted his… Read more →

Make Your Own America

“A mass audience in the United States is not an audience for a collectively generated idea, welded together by the power of that idea and by common debates about it. Mass audiences are created…by the marketing of excitements that take the place of ideas, of real collective debate, vision, or catharsis; excitements that come and go, so fast that they… Read more →

Update #1: #3WTotal

Hello! Last week I requested information about 3rd Ward’s debts. I asked instructors, members & students to share their stories. Thank you to everyone who has sent me information for this ongoing project. What’s the total? To date, I have received claims against outstanding memberships, course fees and instructor invoices of: $38,450. This is an estimate, and not a final… Read more →

New “community” project

I am doing some research. No one ever reported how much 3rd Ward owes its teachers, members and students. The amount owed to any one person might be $100 here, $3,500 there. But all together, was this “community” stuck with a bill for $20,000, $50,000, more? Who cares? The debts 3rd Ward owes to teachers & students & members are… Read more →