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New “community” project

I am doing some research. No one ever reported how much 3rd Ward owes its teachers, members and students. The amount owed to any one person might be $100 here, $3,500 there. But all together, was this “community” stuck with a bill for $20,000, $50,000, more? Who cares? The debts 3rd Ward owes to teachers & students & members are an underreported but important part of the legacy and myth of 3rd-Ward-the-brand. Besides, when a…

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Arts in Bushwick: Housing panel

Council member Antonio Reynoso and others joined the conversation on Affordable Housing I moderated in Bushwick last month at Radio Bushwick. He was joined by attorney Marty Needleman, Kunal Gupta of Silent Barn, AiB founder Chloe Bass, former CB4 member John Dereszewski, and Shawn Gallagher. Bushwick Daily covered the kickoff event for Arts in Bushwick’s discussion series. Check their post here.

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Moderating: Panel Discussion on Housing for Arts in Bushwick

I haven’t been certain where to contribute time to the creative community after organizing the #whatsnext meetings, so I volunteered to help out Arts in Bushwick, who is launching a series of panel discussions. On March 30 I’ll be moderating the first panel, and we’ll definitely be discussing gentrification, landlords and affordable housing. At Radio on Wyckoff, 5 PM Sunday. Arts in Bushwick has all the info on its blog.

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