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Writing new definitions

–The Reading

The Fireside Follies reading at Brooklyn Fire Proof was a success: I decided to read the NYT essay, which was great, because I’d originally written it to be read aloud. People laughed where they were supposed to laugh. Bushwick Daily covered the event, and posted photos, here.

–Collaborations continue.

No matter what I write, visually my thoughts come out of the printer looking the same: black text on white pages. Seeing new pages is always comforting, to print something is to complete one more step in the writing process–first draft, finished work, whatever. But with the move across the country, everything I was looking at was new, so I wanted to look at things in a new way, too. So while I continue to write essays that tell deeply personal stories, I’m also having a lot of fun doing other things creatively, too. In the next month or so I’m playing with making a zine, starting a new blog, and possibly even a piece of art. WIth words, of course.

–The Memoir.

Melissa Febos was one of the readers at the Fireside Follies reading; she read an excerpt from her memoir, Whip Smart. It’s an amazing book, her writing has really helped me think about the story I want to tell, even though my story is very different. So, I’m still structuring the book, and it’s a slow process. An essay featuring some of the material is close to being ready. I’ve got some free time coming up around the holidays, and I have a lot of catching up to do.

–The Beast

Katarina, who created the blog Bushwick Daily just this year, asked me to be part of her photo essay series, and Quel Beast offered to style it. She was thinking minimal, low-key, sort of serious–maybe even black and white. He was thinking–outrageous, colorful, over-the top. It’s funny that their visions were so different, and ultimately she got shots of both. I don’t think it would have worked as well, if it had been only one or the other. Life is serious, and ridiculous. At least, my life is. Here’s the story

–As always, please email me feedback or ask me to read your work or work with you. When I have time, I love working with and for other people.

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