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Part of the Solution: Wednesday, July 22

Even before I attended the Stay in New York Conference last month, I have been sensing a growing momentum in New York, as artists recognize it’s critical to strengthen their communities and work together to create change—whether that change is fighting developers’ broken promises at Rheingold Brewery or pushing City Council to pass the Small Business Jobs Survival Act. After a long and productive phone call one day about these topics with artist-photographer Ventiko, she invited me to help create a salon/panel discussion as part of her monthlong residency, Sanctum Santorum. This Wednesday, July 22, at Gallery Sensei in Chinatown, I am happy to join Ventiko, Nicole Brydson, Nyssa Frank, Anthony Rosado, Alex Mitow and Eric Ho to help become “Part of the Solution.” I am excited for the new ideas and inspiration that always come from connecting with people around the topic of community. (Thanks for inviting me, Ventiko!)


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