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Read me, hire me…

Published! My next story (on paper) will be part of the April issue of The Brooklyn Rail. My first story for the paper, in its February issue, was about 400 words. This latest one, a personal essay, is, uh….much, much longer. I’ve also published some reflections on writing over on¬†Bushwick Daily called Monday Musing. I may also be contributing to the Curbs & Stoops blog in the future. Curbs & Stoops is a new Bushwick art space run by artists who are overflowing with ideas and passion.

Next month there might be a reading through the Numu writers’ group. But as March ends with a chill in the air, I finally finished and submitted a few key projects that took a lot of energy from my memoir manuscript. So it’s time to get back to it. And also next month, I have to find a way to celebrate my first year as a New Yorker. And it feels like it’s only been a minute or two….

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Blind Date, Brooklyn

Here’s the link to the Brooklyn Rail story, which was designed for the King’s County show. I’m hoping to edit and get a new story submitted soon for the March issue, too. Here: Blind Date, Brooklyn.

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Thank you, Brooklyn Rail!

The Brooklyn Rail is publishing my visual story in its February issue. I think the newspaper comes out around February 10. I’m not sure where to pick up a copy yet, but I will find out. Thank you, Brooklyn Rail!

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