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New interview posted at The Believer: Tom Morello

I had an opportunity to speak with Tom Morello earlier this summer, and I was very interested in the politically active rocker’s thoughts on current events: at the time of our interview Brazil & Turkey & Edward Snowden’s whereabouts were getting the headlines.

One of my favorite quotes: “If you want to change the world right now, it’s not so much a secret how you do it.”

Read the full interview, here.

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Privacy, anonymity: Q&A with Cole Stryker now online at The Believer.

I had a talk with Cole Stryker recently about anonymity and freedom of speech for the Believer.  In his latest book, Hacking the Future, he presents a compelling argument for protecting anonymity at all costs. In the recent outing of troll Violentacrez and Amanda Todd’s tragic suicide, we have come face to face as a culture with privacy’s highest costs. Roxane Gay wrote an interesting essay in The Rumpus as much about not looking as not seeing, and a New Yorker story underlines how anonymity privileges women and men differently.  Cole advocates thinking critically about the real costs of an  anonymity-free Internet, and draws our attention to those few corporate giants who happen to acquire great power and financial gain when we relinquish our anonymity. “I don’t think anonymity is a Platonic ideal. But the choice is.”

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