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Street Art Pop-Up Store: Success!



Thanks to overwhelming community support–from the Bushwick arts community as well as the street-art community–the Street Art Pop-Up Store for Bushwick Open Studios was an unqualified success. Artists were around all three days connecting with bloggers and fans and other artists. Collectors came looking for great deals on works by artists they knew, and had a chance to discover artists whose names or works they didn’t know. Even a few art galleries were sending people to check us out. The press helped us spread the word, but Instagram and the artists themselves also drove feet to our doorstep through their social networking efforts. We sold work before we opened and had strangers knocking on our door days after we closed. Please take a moment to check out  the support we received from such influential sources as Hyperallergic LABS, Brooklyn Street Art, 12-oz Prophet, Art Info, 3rd Ward and others. It was my pleasure to present the works of all of the artists involved: ASVP, Bethany Allard, Bishop203, Chris Stain, Criminy Johnson | QRST, Daniel Feral, Elle, Enzo & Nio, General Howe, Gilf!, Hellbent, Jon Burgeman, LNY, Moustache Man, Nathan Pickett, ND’A, Never, Quel Beast and Royce Bannon.



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