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In Our Dreams…

I recently produced three stories that all connect through dreams somehow. Here’s the story behind the stories: I’d wanted to write an essay for a while, about street art and graffiti and my own experiences, but I was stalling because I wasn’t sure I knew how I felt, exactly. One night I had a vivid narrative dream that led me to follow my idea all the way to Kabul, where I found Combat Comms, who became part of the creation of two stories. One, Bullet Points, is an essay that I hope you read for yourself, and the other features a project that Combat Comms conceived and executed, to teach youth in Kabul about art, but the project teaches all of us about culture and rebuilding.

The third story is unrelated to those two but by coincidence is also all about dreams, and the dreamlike feeling of being outside, at night, in your bliss. Artist Chris Stain created a mural with two friends in Bushwick, near where I live, and I asked him about it. The mural says “In the Dream,” in 25-foot-high letters. Given the stories I’d just written, I couldn’t resist learning more about his work.

All of the dream stuff swirling around during waking hours has been deeply inspiring, and I’m committed to making one dream in particular come true before the end of 2011. But I’m not ready to say more about that yet. So if you have a chance to check out any of these three (see links to recent work, in the right sidebar of this page), let me know what you think. Thank you.

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