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Editing & consulting

I love helping creative individuals learn to communicate effectively and strategically and helping writers strengthen their nonfiction manuscripts by offering critical feedback and precise line-editing.

I work with individuals and small businesses. I have a flexible schedule and an affordable hourly rate. I am happy to offer a discount to former students and personal referrals. If you have any questions, just ask.


Robin was a wonderful instructor. She was knowledgeable and very interactive with the students. The dynamic was fresh and vibrant. Robin was keen to remember everyone’s name (a very impressive skill), interacting with each of us individually, addressing each of our challenges and efforts. Overall, I found Robin to be insightful, intelligent and an expert in this field. She was able to really pull us all together even though we all came with different objectives. Kudos!‚—3rd Ward student, “Who Are You?” workshop, April 2013.”

“I met Robin Grearson five years ago and have been working with her since then. She is a brilliant writer and an excellent editor. Robin is an impeccable line editor, but more importantly she has a talent for seeing how to drastically improve a work as a whole, whether it’s an essay, a book chapter, or a whole manuscript. Her criticism is always constructive; she offers suggestions and solutions, so the writer feels eager to launch into a new draft rather than crushed by flaws in the current one. It seems there is a little lightbulb in Robin’s head that flashes with insight no matter what she is reading or editing!”—Jill Johnson, writer/consultant,

“I have never ever been happy with an artist statement before so it is a really big deal for me, and I am very excited about that. Thank you so much – your workshop was so helpful!”—3rd Ward student, “Learn to Love Your Artist Statement” workshop, Fall 2012.

“Robin Grearson has been a godsend for my memoir. While she’s an excellent line editor, she has an uncanny ability to understand the feelings an author is trying convey to the reader. She can cut the hell out of your work without losing any of the all-important emotions behind it. I call her the literary lipo doc. She’ll probably edit this blurb, but I’m sure it will be lovely.”Audi Martel, memoirist/musician.


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