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Current Workshops

I have created several writing workshops for students who need to write personal narratives that will make a great impression and open doors.  I’ve taught these workshops successfully since 2011 in Brooklyn, NY; Washington, DC, and elsewhere.  I’m available to collaborate with existing arts organizations and schools and small-business groups anywhere in the US.

Workshops can accommodate available time/budget of the host and are offered in formats from short overview lectures to multiple sessions of instruction that allow for review and discussion of student work.

Learn to Love Your Artist Statement
Designed to help students uncover the original viewpoint or ambition present in what they create. Through critical analysis and group discussion, students begin to identify what is unique about their work and learn how to express what they are trying to accomplish—without relying on artspeak.

Students who need to write an artist statement or a statement of purpose to apply for a residency or graduate school will leave this workshop with insight into the fundamentals and practical knowledge. Learn to Love Your Artist Statement is offered as a one-session intensive and in a two-session format that includes feedback on students’ rough-draft artist statements.

Note: All students have the option to arrange private tutoring/consulting sessions after a workshop at a discounted rate. Prospective students may want to read this: In Defense of the Artist Statement.

Personal Narrative (for Professional Use)
This has also been called the “Who Are You?” workshop. It is designed for freelancers, entrepreneurs and artists who are sharing their personal story with a professional audience. Through discussion of bios, “About Me” pages, mission statements and in-class exercises, students learn the basics of making strong first impressions in writing.

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