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A lot going on…

New writing
I’m working on a couple of short profiles of artists I like. It’s fun to ask people what they do and why they do it. I have three new essays nearly finished. (So close!) I’m happy with their progress.

Other stuff
Late in August I received a great belated birthday present. An author and human I admire sent an email to let me know he loved my recent essay. Loved! He also said, “Stay on the brave path.” Wise words for anyone.

New York bursts with the harvest of culture in September. In one week’s time I’m hoping to attend LitcrawlNYC events, a reading by a favorite writing teacher, the Brooklyn Book Festival, a Susan Shapiro-hosted event, and at least a dozen gallery openings (first fall art season).
I’m looking forward to a couple of ongoing volunteer opportunities. These will support my goal to get out of the house, and help me put down roots in my new city.
I’m reading great words, and I’m spending far more time than I used to connecting with writers and artists to discuss and share our works in progress. I’d like to lead a regular writing workshop in the future, but for now, the informal connections are helping me stay focused.
New opportunities to collaborate, to edit, to assist continue to arise spontaneously, and I welcome these. As time allows I’m happy to read others’ work and offer my feedback. I’m not sure when my own reading may be, hopefully I’ll have news on that soon.
Writers love feedback. If you have any, please send it along. Thank you for your interest.

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A great time to be writing in New York

Some great things have been happening since “The Accidental Older Woman” appeared in Modern Love. 
The New York Times chose my essay to be part of its Learning Network blog. The essay is compared with a poem selected by the Poetry Foundation as part of its Poetry Pairings project.  
I was invited by a fellow Third Ward member to read in a local reading series he curates, and I’m looking forward to participating next month. 
I’m writing a new essay. 
I am re-editing the so-called “Prince essay” and seeking the right home for it.
I am still open to more partners and collaborators and projects. 
And there’s a lot more coming up. It’s a great time to be writing in New York.


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What I’m up to

Thank you for your interest. Here’s some of what I’m up to:

Writing a memoir 
Writing and reading new essays
(No, really, I promise. There are a lot more stories coming up. Stay tuned.) 
Finding my way around the NYC literary community. (Where, when? Invite me, I’m new.) 
Looking for the little, quiet story inside the story
Available for co-writing, ghost-writing and editing collaborations 
Interested in meeting visual artists for play dates: people to write with, to write about, or to explore with; to create narrative using shape, color, and design, as well as language. (Co-conspirators, brainstormers and collaborators welcome.) 
Loving my new home; I wake up every morning with the sun when it floods my room’s very tall windows. And yes, I tend to oversleep on overcast days.

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