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Writing workshops

I lead skills-based professional-writing workshops for creative artists, freelancers and entrepreneurs. To engage students and clients as an instructor and writing consultant, I draw on my professional experiences as a writer and editor, as an event producer, and as a small-business owner. My resume is posted on LinkedIn.

I am available to teach writing workshops, offer presentations, and participate in panel discussions. I also work with individuals who want help with grad-school essays,  proposals, artist statements, and a wide range of other writing tasks  Upcoming workshops are listed here.  Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


Who Are You? (3 hours, one session) was created to help students build “About Me” pages, write mission statements and understand how to write biographies and personal narratives for use in their professional communications.

Learn to Love Your Artist Statement (offered as a short introductory course or as a 9-hour, 3-week intensive)  has been affectionately described as “artist therapy.” The three-week course has two goals: to help artists who are uncomfortable with writing about their artwork to discover the original viewpoint or ambition present in what they create, and to learn to articulate what is unique about what they are trying to accomplish in their studios. For more about this course and my views on artist statements, please view this post on Hyperallergic. A student described his experience in the workshop course this way:

“Thank you for teaching a skill that…at first glance appears both confusing and dubious. Without resources like your class to make them understandable and accessible, the mechanisms of art (beyond its initial creation) often appear opaque and impenetrable to those who have not chosen to make it their profession but would like to participate in it.”

In Write a Press Release, Publicize Your Event (3 hours, one session) we cover the basics of press-release writing; students write a release for their own project/event and we talk about how to build press lists and attract media coverage of independent events. By the end of the 3-hour workshop, students will have a press release and a list of contacts.



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