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Blind Date, Brooklyn

Here’s the link to the Brooklyn Rail story, which was designed for the King’s County show. I’m hoping to edit and get a new story submitted soon for the March issue, too. Here: Blind Date, Brooklyn.

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Thank you, Brooklyn Rail!

The Brooklyn Rail is publishing my visual story in its February issue. I think the newspaper comes out around February 10. I’m not sure where to pick up a copy yet, but I will find out. Thank you, Brooklyn Rail!

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Love Letter to Brooklyn

I love Brooklyn. My first year here has been more inspiring than I ever imagined. Last Saturday, I participated in my first group art exhibition. Watching people reading my work as it hangs on a wall is unforgettable. When I heard last November about the theme,  “Love Letter to Brooklyn,” I started writing a poem. I thought it was finished by Christmas, but something wasn’t working. The night before I had to have it printed, I gave up and started something new. Sometimes that’s when the muses show up, and as soon as I wrote two new lines on my wall (I write on giant Post-Its), the poem started rewriting itself and rewriting itself, until it became the visual story that is hanging up now (through Valentine’s Day). 



Here’s the press release. Please check it out if you have a chance. 

King’s County Bar proudly presents “Love Letter to Brooklyn”, a group art exhibition.
 As Valentine’s Day draws near, we thought it would be fun to put together an art show which gives love not to our significant other, but to Brooklyn itself! NYC-based artists will have a chance to show everyone why they love Brooklynso much. As always there will be cheap drinks and great music to go along with the incredible artwork! You don’t want to miss this fun evening of art and excitement as we celebrate the awesomeness that is Brooklyn! 

Participating artists include: Jeff Faerber, Alicia Papanek, Edgartista, Andrew Smenos, Robert Servo, Liuba, Jess Ruliffson, Marissa Olney, Leslie Kenney, Carla Cubit, Steve Sandler and Robin Grearson

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