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The Beauty Debate: Detroit, Leap Day

Leap Day is this year, and it’s going to be fun!  I am part of a panel discussion called the Beauty Debate, which takes place in Detroit and is being produced by, a blog where I have been having a conversation with the editor, Colin Darke, since last September about honesty, beauty, art…and sometimes writing. I won’t be going to Detroit: I’m participating via Skype, possibly from Hyperallergic HQ, as editor Hrag Vartanian is also participating.

The Beauty Debate panel discussion is held in advance of a related art show,’s First Annual Beauty Invitational, which opens March 3 at Detroit’s Art Effect Gallery. The gallery will be showing artists whose work I know and love (Elle, Ashley Zelinskie, Vincent Cacciotti), and artists I don’t know but very well may love, once I see their work. Beauty: what is it? Discuss.

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