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Personal Statement

I explore the boundaries of vulnerability and emotional risk through nonfiction storytelling. Each of us sets limits differently, but gathering the courage to cross them is an essential and interesting component of our growth and individuation as adults. I am very curious about process and systems; how and where we define limits for ourselves; how people relate to their vulnerability and how our selves are rendered in or concealed by what we create and express. I look for the threshold between fear and courage, the point where we challenge ourselves to expand our boundaries, for an audience or other as well as for ourselves.

The purpose of art, for me, is to create, connect, share, inspire, question and uplift. The power of the first-person story is in its potential to inspire readers to reflect on their own self-imposed limits. Through storytelling I want to challenge readers to create lives that express what matters most to them.–Robin Grearson.

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