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What I’m up to

Thank you for your interest. Here’s some of what I’m up to:

Writing a memoir 
Writing and reading new essays
(No, really, I promise. There are a lot more stories coming up. Stay tuned.) 
Finding my way around the NYC literary community. (Where, when? Invite me, I’m new.) 
Looking for the little, quiet story inside the story
Available for co-writing, ghost-writing and editing collaborations 
Interested in meeting visual artists for play dates: people to write with, to write about, or to explore with; to create narrative using shape, color, and design, as well as language. (Co-conspirators, brainstormers and collaborators welcome.) 
Loving my new home; I wake up every morning with the sun when it floods my room’s very tall windows. And yes, I tend to oversleep on overcast days.

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