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Art break: reading & writing

I have a poem forthcoming called “7.2 Miles” set to appear soon on Robert Lopez’ blog, “No News Today,” and it will also appear in print, as part of an anthology of writing by Brooklyn writers created by Kelley Brannon to celebrate the first anniversary of the popular First Sunday storytelling series at Bodega Wine Bar. Congrats Kelley & Bodega! In ¬†support of the anthology launch, I will be part of a reading at Bodega on April 1, 2012. Also reading will be Dolan Morgan, Eric Nelson, ¬†Mariette Papic and many other great readers. I will be sharing a brand-new, unpublished essay that explores the world of pseudonyms. Come!

More writing news: I started contributing to Last weekend the first three posts, all related to the Fountain Art Fair, were published on the same day as Bushwick’s Beat Nite, where I was holding down the fort for Dreaming Without Sleeping. I’m still catching up on my sleep from last weekend, but I was so glad to connect with everyone related to Fountain and I have always loved the Artlog family. There’s more news coming soon, wait for it…

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